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  1. Do not use tools unless you are sure you know how to do so safely. If you see someone working in an unsafe way, it is your duty to stop them and let them know.
  2. Do not defeat or hack safety features/equipment. This is for other people’s safety as much as yours.

Making Decisions

  1. If something is broken, fix it; don’t complain. If you cannot fix it, tell a volunteer rep or board member ASAP.
  2. If you are doing something major, check with a volunteer rep or board member (both can be frequently be found in  #hackforge IRC channel on freenode


  1. Do not treat the Hackspace like your home, it is a shared space. Sleeping anywhere on Hackspace property is forbidden.

Personal Items

  1. Members are allowed to store personal items in the space, but they must be kept in a closed box, labelled with your name.
  2. Larger/more items may be allowed, but please note that space is limited. Make sure that anything stored in the space is clearly labeled as yours, and realize that leaving valuable items in a shared space is a risk that you take upon yourself – Hackforge will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Donating, Loaning, or Borrowing Items

  1. Carefully consider the true usefulness of an item before bringing it to the space. Disposal requires effort and space is limited. Seek permission for large items.
  2. If you are leaving something and you would rather it was not mercilessly ripped apart, please label it accordingly.
  3. Likewise, if something looks expensive or useful please do not mercilessly rip it apart without asking first.
  4. Please ask a volunteer rep before removing tools or supplies from the space.


  1. Workbenches should be completely clean when you leave – be considerate for the next user. Please put tools back where you found them.
  2. Throw away your garbage, take partially empty or empty food and drink containers away with you when you leave.
  3. Any items left on a workbench overnight become fair game. Put your stuff back in your box.
  4. If you have engaged in any waste generating activity (e.g. peeling wires), vacuum the spot.


  1. If you think something should be thrown out, put it in the outgoing trash cache. Two weeks later the box will be disposed of.
  2. If something is too big to fit in the trash cache, you should probably email the volunteer reps.
  3. If you want to throw something away which looks useful, make sure volunteer reps are notified well in advance.


  • If you continually annoy or endanger others by ignoring these rules, you may face temporary or permanent revocation of access privileges, at the discretion of the board and volunteer representatives.

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