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Wanted: TechBoost Program Coordinator

Windsor Hackforge is hiring a Program Coordinator.

Reporting to the board, the program coordinator will manage relationships with partner
agencies, develop and plan objectives/activities and work with members to oversee the
execution of the TechBoost Program.

The TechBoost Program aims to improve the digital capacity of small businesses in
Windsor and Essex County through a series of workshops. The program coordinator will
help develop curriculum around best practices of managing and marketing a business
using the latest technology. Businesses will be able to attend these workshops to learn
about becoming more efficient and up to date with trends, keeping them competitive in a
local and global market.

The program coordinator will recruit, manage and schedule instructors to deliver the
workshop content, as well as schedule venues and coordinate workshops with
community partners. There may be other Hackforge duties required, as necessary.

This position is a one-year contract position at 20 hours per week. Contract extensions
are possible at 40 hours per week if additional funding is obtained.

Please send a cover letter and resume to info@hackf.org with the subject line
“TechBoost Program Coordinator” by midnight, Tuesday, October 24th , 2017.

Required Qualifications:

Education and Experience

  • Post-Secondary diploma or degree or previous experience in community


  • Ability to work independently as well as with others
  • Excellent communication skills, especially writing and public speaking
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Able to communicate effectively online using social media
  • Previous experience working with volunteers would be an asset
  • A general understanding of the roles within the IT industry would be an asset
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office

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