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The TechBoost Program supports the growth and development of small businesses in Windsor-Essex by providing affordable training in information technology tools and products for business.

We understand that running a small business is a 24/7 type of job, so spending time trying to choose the right technology solution or learning how to use a new kind of software for your company can be daunting. We want to help.

We’re offering a series of 10 different workshops, offered multiple times and in multiple regions in Windsor-Essex over the course of 2018 that touch on various topics related to implementing technology into your small business. This includes tools for marketing, organization, finance, sales and productivity.

TechBoost Workshops


Accounting in the Cloud for Small Business

Are you thinking of investing in an efficient accounting tool that let you spend more time on growing your business? Are you tired of having your accounting system chained to one computer? Are you working with a shoebox of receipts or a painful accounting system with out of date data or software? By the end of this workshop, participants will understand what online accounting software options are available, what the costs and what benefits implementation can have on your business.


Understanding Hardware and Software Solutions

Wednesday, April 18 @ 9AM
Institute for Border Logistics and Security
3475 Wheelton Dr

Do you need help understanding the available hardware and software solutions that would improve your business processes? Do you have a working business process but want to see if there’s a more efficient way to accomplish similar or better results? This workshop, part of the TechBoost Program, is for owners or employees of small business to increase their understanding of the types of hardware and software solutions that small businesses use to create, manage, and improve the way their businesses work.


Office Automation with Google Apps

Wednesday, April 25 @ 9AM
Institute for Border Logistics and Security
3475 Wheelton Dr

Do you need a more efficient and affordable way to manage your business’s files, calendar, and customers? Do you need flexible tools to collaborate with your team in real-time? Do you want to be able to access your company’s tools and data anywhere, anytime and on any device? This workshop, part of the TechBoost Program, is for owners or employees of small business who want to know what G-Suite is, what tools and products are available and ways you can utilize the best ones to automate and enhance your business processes.


Cyber Security for Small Business

Wednesday, May 9 @ 9AM
Institute for Border Logistics and Security
3475 Wheelton

Do you worry that your business is not as secure as it could be? Do you need to hire a security consultant and want to know what to ask for? Do you want to be prepared in the event of a security breach? By the end of this workshop, you’ll understand what parts of your business you need to protect, what are the risks and and threats, and how to identify and monitor tools to address these threats. You’ll come away with some steps you can take to make your business more secure.


ERP: The Swiss Army Knife of Business

Wednesday, May 23 @ 9AM
Institute for Border Logistics and Security
3475 Wheelton Dr

Do you find the idea of exploring or implementing an ERP intimidating? Do you wonder if ERPs can be implemented at the small business level? Do you need a way to integrate inventory, logistics, sales, project management and more? By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a greater understanding of what an ERP system is, what low-cost or no-cost options are available for small business and what your next steps are.


Content Marketing & Client Prospecting 101

Not sure what to be posting on Facebook? Or further… How to create that content? Looking for an easy way to find clients online? By the end of this workshop, participants will have a series of content ideas for their own social media marketing, the tools to create this content and a clear plan on how to utilize LinkedIn to grow their business and clientele.


Making Instagram Work for your Business

Wednesday, May 2 @ 9AM
Institute for Border Logistics and Security
3475 Wheelton Drive

Are you excited to use Instagram to promote your business but not sure how the app works? Do you need some help generating ideas to kickstart your content strategy? Are your posts lacking engagement and struggling to reach your audience? Do you need a few pointers to develop high-quality visual content? By the end of this workshop, participants will understand how Instagram can help accomplish business goals, have created an Instagram profile and uploaded their first post and story.


Simple and Effective Websites for Small Business

Wednesday, May 16 @ 9AM
Institute for Border Logistics and Security
3475 Wheelton Dr

Do you need to create a website for your business, but not sure what platform or service to use? Have you heard about WordPress, or even tried it and feel overwhelmed by what’s involved? Do you have an out-of-date website and want to update it with a fresh and elegant design? This workshop will help you to determine what you want a website to do for your business. It will also explore the options to build it yourself or to engage professionals.


Up and Running with Shopify

Wednesday, May 30 @ 9AM
Institute for Border Logistics and Security
3475 Wheelton Dr

Does the idea of setting up your online store seem way too time-consuming? Are you worried you might not set up your online store correctly? Do you want a rundown of how to get your store up and running and how to maximize the features available on Shopify? By the end of this workshop, you'll have your Shopify account set up and know how to choose a theme, customize your theme, add products and manage shipping.


Email Marketing with Mailchimp

Wednesday, June 6 @ 9AM
Institute for Border Logistics and Security
3475 Wheelton Dr

Email marketing is a great way to speak to your existing customers. In this workshop, part of the TechBoost Program, we’ll discuss why email marketing is important and learn how to create a email sign-up form, manage a subscriber list, design email campaigns and send automated emails.


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Who is TechBoost for?

TechBoost is a program designed for owners and employees of small businesses who need help making their business more efficient and profitable using technology. According to the Business Development Bank of Canada, “Upgrading or incorporating new technology is one of the fastest ways to stimulate growth and make your business more competitive.”

TechBoost is designed to help business owners and employees who are familiar with computers and some technology, but want to boost their knowledge and take advantage of the newest products and offerings.

TechBoost is for you if:

  • You have or work for an existing business or a business just starting up
  • You are comfortable using computer programs and the Internet
  • You are curious and open to trying new things to help your business thrive
  • You are willing to invest your time in practicing new technology skills

Why did we create TechBoost?

With the generous financial support of a Prosperity Grant, provided by Libro Credit Union, we created the TechBoost Program to address our mission and mandate here at Hackforge. Hackforge is technology enthusiasts growing the tech capabilities of our region by creating connections and learning together. The TechBoost Program will improve the regional economic development knowledge and capacity of residents, business and organizations by encouraging knowledge sharing between our region’s technology experts and small businesses.


Rebecca Welbourn
TechBoost Program Coordinator

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