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Software Guild

Constantly improving the skills and knowledge of ourselves and our fellow developers through practice, knowledge sharing, and discussion. Also provides a medium through which software developers – particularly but not exclusively web developers – can just hang out and talk shop with peers.

We’re a group of local developers, largely but not exclusively involved in creating web software, who like to get together and talk about our passion. Some of us create for money and some for fun, and any skill level is welcome. Our home is the Windsor Hackforge, a larger organization dedicated to all facets of our growing Windsor tech community.

If your passion is making the web beautiful, rather than (or in addition to) writing code, come help us expand our community to include more designers with content aimed at them.

The Hackforge is an inclusive space, with a strict Code of Conduct, and this extends to the Software Guild. Women in particular are woefully underrepresented in software development, and we hope to change that. Join us, whatever your gender or ethnicity.

Some important links:

Hackforge Facebook page for other Hackforge events outside of the Software Guild

Software Guild Google Plus Community, for discussion between Meetups

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