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AWS Users Group

The AWS Users Group dives deep into automated cloud infrastructure, exploring the 90+ Amazon Web Services with an ever-vigilant eye toward keeping your systems secure.

Border City Data

Border City Data is an interest group for people who work with data. We talk about tools and techniques relevant to data pros of all descriptions and skill levels.


C3Tech is a regional initiative that will bring the local tech and cycling communities together. This partnership will build tools to help residents and visitors safely and easily navigate Windsor and Essex County by bike.

Supported by The City of Windsor Bicycle Committee, the County Wide Active Transportation Service (CWATS), Ontario Tourism Innovation Lab, and Parallel 42 Systems


Events that don’t belong to a special interest group are categorized here.

OpenStreetMap Windsor-Essex

OpenStreetMap Windsor-Essex

– Provides learning opportunities for those interested in contributing to the map

– Helps to ensure that Windsor and Essex County are accurately represented 

– Explores interesting ways we can use OSM data

– Welcomes users of all experience levels

Project Management

This group is for professionals from all industries, and business owners to come together and exchange ideas and good practices ​in Project Management, Agile Product Development and Process Improvement, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We launched the group in March 2017.


Hackforge’s information security interest group.

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