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Software Guild: Web APIs and Linux Containers

Hosted By: Software Guild

Wednesday, Jul 26, 2017

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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This month we have two talks for you to sink your teeth into!

In Derek Comartin’s talk, “Building self descriptive HTTP APIs”, he’ll discuss how to design an HTTP API that looks less like your database tables and decouples your core application from your web API.

In Adam Israel’s talk, “From Container to Cloud” , he will teach us to use Linux Containers (LXD) to build and run applications securely, to scale from one to one thousand users, and to simulate the cloud, all on our laptops.

Reminder: We do go out to the pub after these talk nights, so if you can stay past 9 to grab a soda, coffee or beer, please join us.

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