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3D Printer Club: New Printer & PrintDry demo

Hosted By: 3D Printer Club

Saturday, Dec 2, 2017

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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Come check out the Delta printer that was donated to us and will soon take up residence at Hackforge.

Also meet a representative from TDL Systems Inc. and see a demonstration of their filament drying solution, PrintDry.

Sonya King from TDL Systems Inc will be talking about their company and their successful Kickstarter campaigns, which started with PrintDry.

TDL Systems Inc. specializes in 3D printed foot orthotics, AFO’s, and prescribed corrective sandals. PrintDry is a solution to the problem of filament absorbing water from the air as it can adversely affect printing.

TDL Systems Inc is headquartered in Windsor with printing labs in China, Australia, Thailand, Scotland, and have their complete systems in various medical doctor offices in the USA and in Canada. They also have global re-sellers for their PrintDry line up in Canada, USA, Netherlands and working on adding more re-sellers in Germany, India, Austria and Brazil.

PrintDry website: http://www.printdry.com/
PrintDry Filament Dryer:

PrintDry Filament Container:

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