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3D Printer Club: Endstops, Magnetic Build Plates, and PrintDry

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Saturday, Apr 7, 2018

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


3D Printer Club: Endstops, Magnetic Build Plates, and PrintDry Overview

Join us for our first meeting of the spring!

We will be discussing the various types of sensors used for endstops on printers. There are more than half a dozen types used for sensing the build plate and can help with bed misalignment. We will be touching on induction sensors, capacitive sensors, retractable sensors (BL Touch), micro-switch, magnetic (Hall effect), piezo-electric disc, and infrared.

We will also be showing a BuildTak FlexPlate which is a convenient way to magnetically attach the printing surface during the print, and remove afterwards for easier parts removal.

The PrintDry filament drier is back, and it has brought some of its filament containers along with it. We will be discussing the problem of filament absorbing water.

Please join us, and bring any questions you have!

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