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Interested in sound, light, night and art?

Those interested in art, sound and light might be interested in this opportunity to collaborate in a project from the Incubator Art Lab:

From today’s Daily News article from the University of Windsor

Jennifer Willet, a professor in the School for Arts and Creative Innovation, wants people to march in the Eco Nuit parade on October 5. The parade is part of the Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, an annual sunset-to-sunrise celebration of contemporary art.

In collaboration with the Ontario Science Centre’s !dea Gallery, the procession will be a parade of “local nocturnal ecology” that will “illuminate and reveal a menagerie of living organisms via digital media and phosphorescence,” according to Dr. Willet, who specializes in bio-art, and is director of the University’s Incubator lab.

Interested artists can make glow-in-the-dark costumes, and devices that emit sound and light.  Marchers eager to join the parade will be given masks, streamers, noisemakers, and take-home lab experiments, Willet said.

The deadline for proposals is August 20th.

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