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Tech Talk: The Slide Rule – Grandfather of the Pocket Calculator (Paul Anderson)

Slide rules were once ubiquitous in the sciences and engineering. For 300 years, they were the dominant tool for calculation, until the calculator was invented. Now virtually forgotten, most don’t realize they ever existed. Come and see the genius behind these deceptively simple tools, and how the world ran on three significant figures. Paul will have his collection in tow, and you’ll see a wide variety of slide rules manufactured from the 1920s through to the 1970s.

Join Paul this Thursday, July 10th for this Tech Talk at 6PM at Hackforge. For more information, check out the event on Meetup.

Technology Support Initiative

Hackforge is pleased to announce a technology support initiative for non-profits in Windsor-Essex. This program matches individuals seeking technology experience with the needs of organizations that would otherwise find it difficult to fund a technology project. Hackforge is a community-driven organization that uses technology to empower local individuals and groups. Hackforge will coordinate the people and resources required for a successful outcome of each projects.

Examples of possible projects include:

networking a small office
creating a secure card entry system
setting up a hosted website
training for Google Apps, WordPress, or other software

Selected projects will receive a proposal for achieving the desired results and an estimate of the timeline to complete the project in consultation with the organization. If you have an idea for a technology project for your non-profit, please send it along and we will help sort out what is possible. Ideas and questions can be sent to:

Dylan Herbert
Community Manager, Hackforge
dylan (at) hack (dot) org

Please contact Dylan by August 31, 2014 if you are interested. Hackforge acknowledges the generous support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) for making this initiative possible.

The Fruitbots Challenge – Learn about Artificial Intelligence

FruitBots challenge

Have you ever wondered how the enemies in video games “know” how and when to search, chase and attack? This Saturday, July 12th, at Riverside Library, kids 10-18 will work as a team to help design a working “artificial intelligence” (AI) and see it compete against another team’s AI.

No programming experience is required – two experienced computer programmers from Hackforge will work with the teams and write the code to match the team’s design. Teams will work together to design and program on-screen “bots” who compete to collect more “fruit” than their opponent.

The event starts at 1:00 pm and kids will get the most out of it if they’re there from the beginning.

This event is part of the Windsor Public Library’s summer Eureka programs.

Hackforge at the Library: Discovering 3D Printing

3D printing Demo - July 5

Hackforge’s newly acquired MakerBot 3D printer made its public debut last Saturday, July 5th at the Budimir Library. As part of Windsor Public Library’s summer Eureka program, Hackforge gave an afternoon demonstration of the power of 3D printing.

Hackforger Paul was at the MarkerBot helm for the day, printing out small objects like a functioning whistle and Transformer badges. Kids and their families were able to discover objects created by Hackforge members from other 3D printer projects. Amber Joy and Chris discussed the future of 3D printing and answered questions from curious minds of all ages.

Missed the demo? Join us again on Saturday, July 19th for an afternoon with the 3D printer at the Fontainebleau Library.

Stay tuned for more Hackforge events for kids and teens this summer at libraries around Windsor. This Saturday, July 12th is the Fruitbot Challenge with Doug and Jeff at the Riverside Library.

Cool OLED Module

Everybody knows Sparkfun is a great place to find cool things. It’s no surprise then that they should add yet another cool thing — an OLED display module for use with the arduino.


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