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Maptime: Telling Stories with Web Mapping


Monthly Maptimes are back in effect!  Maptime Windsor-Essex will be meeting on Thursday, 7pm, April 23rd, Fred Israel Room, in the basement of the Windsor Public Library Central Branch (850 Ouellette Ave). 

Maptime is simply time set aside to learn how to make maps together.  While you are welcome to bring your laptop if you would like to work on something or would like help with something your working on, for this month’s meeting, we’re setting time for the absolute beginner and there will be a presentation on Web mapping by Mita Williams.
Web Mapping: moving from maps on the web to maps of the web
The transition from paper maps to digital maps was a profound one. It was such a sea change that the current shift from Digital Mapping to Web Mapping may have escaped  notice even through it brings a fundamental shift of its own. This presentation will introduce you to the new tools of web mapping. These tools allow for new forms of journalism, citizen activism, and scholarship. Web mapping allows more people to tell more stories with maps. This presentation will help you tell yours.”

Explore Crowd-Sourcing with Maptime Windsor-Essex


This month’s Maptime will be dedicated to exploring Crowd-sourced Maps – those maps that you invite a public to join in and contribute to as well as location-based texting services. Want to learn more or share what you’ve already investigated about these things? Or do you just want to learn more about maps and Maptime? Then please join us! Bring along your laptop!

Maptime is a collection of beginner-focused community groups for learning geospatial technology, techniques, and concepts, particularly using open source tools and hands-on practice and exercises. If you’ve ever dreamt of mapping the world around you, this event is for you.

Thursday, December 18 2014 – 7-9PM
Hackforge – 850 Ouellette Ave
Free event, open to the public
Bring along your laptop

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