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Hackforge Swap Trade at the New Space!

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Hackforge has moved to 255 Ouellette Ave and need to stock our new home. This Saturday, June 6th from 11AM – 3PM, we’re asking you for donations of tools, equipment, and electronics. Past the donations to Hackforge, come swap your items for parts and equipment others have brought in. This is a free event.

BRING a few items to donate (list below)
DONATE the item(s) to Hackforge
SWAP your tool/equipment/electronic for a different tool/equipment/electronic



  • Small form-factor laptops (no desktop computers or printers, please!)
  • Toolboxes
  • Webcams
  • multimeters
  • Test equipment
  • Soldering Irons
  • Power-supplies
  • Hand tools (gently used)
  • Light Power Tools (great condition)

Any kind of small equipment, tools, and electronics to swap, similar to the list above. Please DO NOT bring household items, clothing, books. Equipment, tools, and electronics ONLY.

Please email info@hackf.org if you would like to donate any of these items

  • sturdy stools (for the workbenches)
  • small wheeled cart, similar to the AV projector carts
  • Shelving
  • Laser cutter

Hackforge Brings the Noise (and 3D Printer and SpokePOV)

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Hackforge has been out in the community bringing tech to the world!

Science Rendezvous:
Saturday, May 9th Hackforge presented at the University of Windsor’s Science Rendezvous. In collaboration with Acoustic Zoo, we presented the SpokePOV bike and member Nik Steel’s cymatic rig. Big thanks to Derek Richard and Nik Steel for helping at the booth. Also thanks to City Cyclery for letting us borrow the bike stand the Sartori family for letting us borrow the bike.

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Essex Public Library Open House:
Hackforge went out to the LaSalle Public Library on Thursday, May 7th for an Open House where we presented 3D printing. Big thanks to Kevin Roy, Paul Anderson, and Chris Deschamps for bringing the power of the print!

Math and Science Night:
Hackforge was invited to take part in Queen Victoria Public School’s Math and Science Night. Member Nik Steel brought his Acoustic Zoo to the school, helping kids visualize sound with his cymatics rig.

Software Guild Returns May 20th

Return Software - General (2)
Revamped and renewed for Spring, the Craftsman Software Guild is back and ready to go. Join the group for computer programmers on Wednesday, May 20th from 7-9PM. The Guild is meeting at a new location, upstairs at Cafe March 21 Bean n Leaf at 480 Pelissier Street, downtown Windsor.

7:00 – 8:00PM – Hack n’ Hang
8:00 – 9:00PM – Talks for Techs

Randy Topliffe Presents “Cat.gif: How to Make Your Cat Internet Famous”
Walk through the programming steps of converting video into awesome gifs by using VLC to take screenshots and working with subtitle files to add text. Randy will be your guide to understanding the process of creating the next viral .gif sensation.
Nerd Meter: Intermediate

Anthony Garreffa Presents “JavaScript: The Fun Parts”
This will be a beginner to intermediate talk about the JavaScript language. It will be a discussion on the parts of the language that defy intuition, but lend to the expressiveness of JavaScript.
Nerd Meter: Beginner – Intermediate

Maptime: Telling Stories with Web Mapping


Monthly Maptimes are back in effect!  Maptime Windsor-Essex will be meeting on Thursday, 7pm, April 23rd, Fred Israel Room, in the basement of the Windsor Public Library Central Branch (850 Ouellette Ave). 

Maptime is simply time set aside to learn how to make maps together.  While you are welcome to bring your laptop if you would like to work on something or would like help with something your working on, for this month’s meeting, we’re setting time for the absolute beginner and there will be a presentation on Web mapping by Mita Williams.
Web Mapping: moving from maps on the web to maps of the web
The transition from paper maps to digital maps was a profound one. It was such a sea change that the current shift from Digital Mapping to Web Mapping may have escaped  notice even through it brings a fundamental shift of its own. This presentation will introduce you to the new tools of web mapping. These tools allow for new forms of journalism, citizen activism, and scholarship. Web mapping allows more people to tell more stories with maps. This presentation will help you tell yours.”

Science of Electronics Creating Sound: April 11th Workshop + Showcase


Saturday, April 11th, Hackforge presents Analog Synthesis: a workshop on the science of electronics creating sound. From 2-5PM at the Fred Israel Auditorium, located in the basement of the Central Branch of the Windsor Public Library (850 Ouellette Ave), Hackforgers Aaron Mavrinac, Nik Steel, and Paul Anderson will guide you to the world of synthesizers.

Join us for a discussion of how electronics are used to manipulate the components of sound to create things the ear has never heard before. Come out and play with modular and monophonic music synthesizers and learn how it all comes together in the music you love.

This event is great for beginners to synthesizers.
Suitable for ages 10 & up.

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