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Message from the Chair

January 31, 2023

by Lauren Hedges in News

It’s great to be back as part of the Hackforge governance team. We’ve met a couple times since the Annual General Meeting. We’re currently working on aligning the Hackforge mission and strategy with the needs of the community. One of the first changes we’ve decided to make is an end to membership fees. Hackforge has financial stability and modest expenses, so we can continue to deliver our programming without asking our members to contribute monthly. From now on, we’ll consider anyone who has donated money to the organization or volunteered their time for Hackforge in any capacity in the previous twelve months as a member with standing to vote at our Annual General Meetings.

With that in mind I’d like to encourage folks reading this message to consider volunteering for Hackforge in 2023. We can scale your contribution to fit your available time. Whether you want to organize a whole interest group or help us out with programming once in a while, there is a volunteer role that will fit your skill set and schedule. Please touch base with Lauren or a board member if you want to learn more.

— Doug Sartori, Chair of the Hackforge Board of Directors

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