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December 2022 at Hackforge

December 6, 2022

by Lauren Hedges in News

OSM Windsor-Essex: Working with GPS Traces

Thursday, December 8th @ 7pm
UPDATE! Online Only!
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When adding your own data to OpenStreetMap, there are alternatives to drawing lines by hand – such as GPS traces!

In this month’s meetup, we’ll be taking a pre-recorded GPS trace and using it to improve the data for a local park. Our editing platform will be JOSM, so if you’re new to the system and missed October’s event it is highly recommended you check out the recording.

Artificial Intelligence for Board Games

Sunday, December 11th @ 72pm
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Doug is celebrating the holidays by taking a break from his usual SQL-based Border City data talks. This month, he’ll be walking through the basics of artificial intelligence for board games using combinatorial game theory!

Digital Twin: An Unreal Engine Project Revisited

Thursday, December 15th @ 6 pm
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Last presented back in February 2022, The digital twin project of Windsor & Detroit is an initiative to build an advanced urban planning tool that is accessible to the community.

Spearheaded by Michael Hoppe, Creative Director of Geopogo in San Francisco, California, this project is creating a powerful public tool that combines 3D LiDAR scan data, civic data layers, and SimCity-like features to empower community groups and design visionaries to realize their ideas for what Windsor can become.

The current iteration was created through partnerships with students from St. Clair College in Windsor and UCBerkeley in California. Now, the developers are inviting YOU to become part of this unique and ambitious project.

The Geopogo team is looking for data science, computer science,  3D animators, and Unreal Engine experts to join the cause. We are also looking for talented engineers that are interested in new AI generative tools to explore new frontiers of civic design, AI, and data. 

Tune in on Thursday, December 15th at 6pm EST to learn about big updates on the Digital Twin of Windsor and Detroit platform, and how you can get involved.

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