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October 2022 at Hackforge

October 11, 2022

by Lauren Hedges in Events

WINFOSEC: OWASP 10 – Injection

Wednesday, October 19th @ 7pm
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Join us for the inaugural talk for Winfosec – Hackforge’s information security interest group.

In this talk we’ll briefly introduce the OWASP Top 10 list of security risks for application developers and analyze one of the most common: Injection. We’ll be writing some bad code, exploiting the vulnerability live, and then fixing it all in the session. Whether you’re a software developer wanting to build more secure applications, or someone interested in the field of information security, this talk is for you.

Register via Zoom to attend this free event.

OpenStreetMap W-E: Intro to JOSM

Thursday, October 27 @ 6pm
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In September we introduced users to OSM’s in-browser editor iD, and now we’re moving on to JOSM.

This java-based editing software requires a bit more setup than iD, but it also provides contributors a more powerful set of tools for editing OpenStreetMaps. Many also find it to be a simpler way to edit the map.

To help OSM W-E users make the most of JOSM, Randy Topliffe will be walking through setup and basic use during this month’s meetup on Thursday, October 27 at 6pm. To get the most out of this event, make sure to:

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