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July 2022 Events

July 4, 2022

by Lauren Hedges in News

The OpenStreetMap Windsor-Essex Logo - a magnifying glass overlaid on a map of Essex County - rests on a teal background on the left side of the image.

On the right, teal text on a white background reads "OSM (openstreetmap) Windsor-Essex.

The black and white Hackforge hammer logo rests at the bottom centre of the image.

OpenStreetMap Windsor-Essex
Thursday, July 14 @ 6pm Facebook | Linkedin | Meetup | Register

To help support some of our new endeavours, Hackforge is starting up a new monthly meetup group!

OpenStreetMap Windsor-Essex will serve as a meeting place for anyone and everyone interested in cartography, data analysis, wayfinding, and more. As the group matures, we’ll help to make sure that the Windsor-Essex County region is accurately represented on OSM (and all of the sites and apps it feeds!), and will explore interesting ways we can use OSM data.

For this first meeting, we’re going to keep is casual. Attendees will have the chance to:

  • learn what OSM is
  • ask and answer questions
  • share any experience they already have with OSM
  • pitch ideas for future OSM-related activities and events

We’ll be meeting online for this one, and will discuss structure and scheduling for future sessions while we’re all together. Make sure to register in advance to receive the Zoom link!

If you’re unable to make this event, or would like more information, reach out to Lauren@hackf.org

A blue database design diagram is overlaid with the text "A Practical Guide to Database Design".

The black and white Hackforge hammer logo sits in the top left corner.

Border City Data: A Practical Guide to Database Design
Tuesday, July 19 @ 6pm Facebook | Linkedin | Meetup | Register

In this virtual, beginner-friendly session, Doug Sartori walks through the considerations and pitfalls of relational database design. Tune in to follow along and learn how to get started with designing databases!

This event is free to attend and open to all – register in advance to receive the link.

Snowflake Manufacturing
Thursday, July 28 @ 6pm Facebook | Linkedin | Meetup | Register

For their fist ever Hackforge event, leadership and advocacy organization Automate Canada is hosting Brent McPhail, CEO of Brave Control Solutions for a talk on “Snowflake Manufacturing.”

“Snowflake Manufacturing is not about how complex the product is or how many variations there are, it is actually about when those variations are introduced into the manufacturing process,” writes McPhail. “If a product is completely defined prior to the design of the machine to build it, then it is traditional manufacturing. If it continues to change after the machine has been fabricated, it is Snowflake Manufacturing.”

Register now for this free event to learn more about how McPhail and his team are overcoming this complicated automation challenge.

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