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January 2022 at Hackforge

January 4, 2022

by Lauren Hedges in Events

Hackforge Virtual Watch Party: I Am Mother
Friday, January 7th @ 8PM  Discord

Experience a post-apocalyptic world where the human race relies on the repopulation efforts of sentient robots for survival in this month’s Online Watch Party. 2019’s I Am Mother is an R-rated dramatic sci-fi thriller starring Rose Byrne and Hillary Swank, with a runtime of 1 hour 53 minutes. Dim the lights, grab the popcorn, and meet us on Discord at 8pm to watch along!

Join our discord server and download Teleparty to take part. Please note that all participants are required to have their own streaming subscription service.


Border City Data: Intro to OpenStreetMap
Tuesday, January 18th @ 6pm Meetup | Facebook | Linkedin | Register

OpenStreetMap (or OSM) is like Wikipedia, but for geographical information.

All of the geodata stored by OSM is generated and maintained by the public, resulting in a database that covers more than just vehicular roadways. This is particularly useful for Hackforge’s newest endeavour, Cycle Windsor, which aims to improve the quality and quantity of cycling-related geodata available for the city.

In this free one-hour event, host Doug Sartori will be introducing the basics of contributing to OSM, and outlining ways existing data can be used in different applications.


Border City JavaScript: Intro to CyclOSM
Monday, January 31st @ 6pm Meetup | Facebook | Linkedin | Register

Building upon the Border City Data talk on OpenStreetMaps, this event continues the conversation around crowd-sourced geodata.

CyclOSM is an opensource OSM layer that displays geodata most relevant to cyclists – including bike paths and lanes, locations of bicycle repair stations, and information on road surface quality (as well as much, much more).

In this free, one-hour talk, host Chris Burford (Tech Manager of Cycle Windsor) will introduce attendees to the backend of this system, including the Hackforge-specific fork that will be used to build out Windsor’s very own cycling-specific map.

Join us to learn more about CyclOSM and the Cycle Windsor initiative!

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