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December 2021 at Hackforge

November 29, 2021

by Lauren Hedges in Events

Hackforge Virtual Watch Party: The Social Network
Friday, December 3rd @ 8PM  Discord

After a fantastic inaugural event, our monthly online movie screening is back! Join our discord server and download Teleparty to take part. Please note that all participants are required to have their own streaming subscription service.

In this month’s screening, Jesse Isenberg plays a lizardman with goals of world domination. With help from  his favourite 90’s pop star, he battles Spiderman in court for the right to be the main invader of your privacy. All of this is set to an award-winning soundscape provided by Nine Inch Nails. 2010’s The Social Network will remind you that Facebook (or Meta), has been swimming in scandal since its inception.


Border City Data: Python Basics – Exploratory Data Analysis
Thursday, December 16th @ 6:30 PM Facebook | Meetup | Linkedin | Register

Python programming language just celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2021. Trusted by internet giants like Instagram and Spotify to support their backend, the high demand for Python application developers demonstrates that it’s a leader amongst the most popular programming languages.

Using this easy-to-learn high level language, we’ll discuss the fastest way to get started with Python using a Jupyter Notebook. And we’ll explore ways to use Python data analytics libraries such as Pandas and Matplotlib to transform and visualize Windsor election results and traffic data by creating repeatable workflows.

Hosted by Ken Hudak

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