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October 2021 at Hackforge

October 5, 2021

by Lauren Hedges in Events

Border City Data: Geospatial Data in SQL Data Warehouses
Thursday, October 21st @ 6:30 PM Facebook | Meetup | Linkedin | Register

A Geographic Information System (GIS) connects data to a map, allowing for visualization and analysis of location-based information. This system is becoming ubiquitous across industries, with infinite uses across analytics applications.
To give SQL users an introduction into the use of GIS data, Hackforge and Border City Data present a one hour talk, delivered by Doug Sartori, that will cover:
  • SQL Server spatial data types and functions
  • Transforming and loading spatial data
  • Handling complex geographic hierarchies


Border City JavaScript: October Social
Thursday, October 14th @ 8pm Facebook | Meetup | Linkedin | Register

Border City JavaScript will be gathering virtually on Thursday, October 14th for an informal discussion on recent news in tech, your current projects, and anything else that attendees are interested in chatting about.

Do you have a topic or project you would like to present at a Hackforge meetup? Is there a subject you would love to see us cover? Reach out to Lauren@parallel42systems.com!

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