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September 2021 at Hackforge

September 20, 2021

by Lauren Hedges in Events

Border City Data: ETL Workshop with 2019 Election Data
Thursday, September 30th @ 6:30 PM Facebook | Meetup | Linkedin | Register

Using publicly available data from Elections Canada, Doug Sartori has created a database of the 2019 federal election results that can provide answers to complex questions.
Thanks to ETL (and open data sources), this DB is able to tell us:
  • which races were won by 5% or less
  • which poll was the best in the country for each party
  • how large the margin of victory was in each riding
In this one-hour workshop, Doug will not only give answers to these questions, he will walk through the process used to create this database, providing usable tips and advice along the way.


Border City JavaScript: Testing SPA Applications without a Browser
Wednesday, September 22nd @ 9pm Facebook | Meetup | Linkedin | Register

This month Eric Sorenson will join us from Chicago to talk about testing SPA applications without involving a browser, headless or otherwise.

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