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May 2021 at Hackforge

May 17, 2021

by Lauren Hedges in Events

Project Manager to Project Leader – The Journey
Wednesday, May 26th @ 6:30pm  Facebook | Meetup | LinkedinRegister Now

Project managers are becoming more imperative to achieving organizational strategic goals. Project managers must seize this opportunity to justify the trust leadership has placed in them to prove their ability to manage and lead a project successfully and provide value to the organization.

This presentation will discuss the transformation from a good project manager to a highly regarded project leader. We will discuss the attributes and skill required to inspire and motivate project teams to be successful.

Presented by Mary Anne Striner, PMP, MBA, SA

An Introduction to Machine Learning with Emphasis on Deep Neural Networks
Thursday, May 27th @ 6pm Facebook | Meetup | Linkedin

What are Neural Networks? What is Deep Learning?

This free session provides a quick peek into the inner workings of the Machine Learning algorithms that have become all pervasive in the world we live in.

Border City JavaScript May Meetup
Monday, May 31st @ 7pm Facebook | Meetup | Linkedin | Register Now

Looking for help solving a JavaScript problem?

Just getting started with the language and interested in learning more?

Come be part of this month’s Border City JavaScript meetup! This informal discussion between colleagues, friends, and newbies is a great way to build your skill set – and your network.

Attendance is free for everyone, but advance registration is required.

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