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April at Hackforge

April 14, 2019

by Rebecca Welbourn in News

Call for Organizers & Ideas

Did you know that Hackforge is entirely volunteer run?  Would you like to be more involved? Do you have ideas for Hackforge? We need your help! If you have ideas for new talks, meetups, workshops or groups, send us an email at info@hackf.org to let us know. We can help bring people together who are interested in the same topic and help you organize and promote your events!

Project Management Professionals: PMBOK & PRINCE II
Monday, April 15 @ 7PM Facebook | Meetup

Join us for a high level talk on PMBOK & PRINCE II, two popular project management methodologies and how they can work for you. We’re pleased to be joined by Elana Freeman, a Senior Project Manager at Thyssenkrupp Materials NA.

​This group is for all professionals from any industry, and business owners to come together and exchange ideas and good practices ​ in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Google Developers Group: Build Amazing Mobile Apps using Flutter with Google’s Firebase Tools
Wednesday, April 24 @ 6:30PM Facebook | Meetup

For the past month, Don Ward has been digging into integrating Flutter apps with all of the Firebase services available as he partakes in the #100DaysofCode challenge. During this event, you will learn how to build mobile apps using Flutter backed with Firebase services and how they work with Flutter mobile apps. Some of the Firebase services we will cover include:

  1. Realtime Databases
  2. Firebase’s Firestore Database
  3. Push Notifications on Firebase
  4. Mobile App Analytics
  5. Machine Learning services on Firebase (ML Kit)
  6. A/B testing for mobile apps
  7. Remote Config of your mobile app using Firebase
  8. Google Cloud Functions and how they can be used to glue it all together

Join us to learn how to easily build a powerful mobile app using Flutter backed with a ton of great services from Firebase.

Makers Club: Introduction to 3D Printing
Saturday, April 27 @ 12PM Facebook | Meetup

Join us for an introduction to 3D printing! We expect to have a Delta printer and a Prusa MK3 to demonstrate and explain. Additionally, we will have a slide show from the Midwest RepRap Festival 2019.

Border City Javascript
Monday, April 29 @ 7PM Facebook | Meetup

Join us for this month’s Border City Javascript meetup. Interested in doing a talk? Email us at info@hackf.org.

Border City Data: Connecting a web API to SQL Server with SSIS
Tuesday, April 30 @ 7PM Facebook | Meetup

This month, Doug Sartori leads a tutorial on using scripting in SSIS to consume data from a web-based REST API. This is a basic-level tutorial – beginners can benefit from it although the content is aimed at programmers and database professionals.

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