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An Update about Hackforge’s Space

August 23, 2018

by admin in News

Hello Hackforge Community,

Due to some recent changes after the passing of our dear friend Mark Boscariol, there has been some speculation as to what will happen to Hackforge’s current physical space at 255 Ouellette Ave. Mark Boscariol owned the building that Hackforge resides in, along with the neighbouring buildings that housed the Downtown Pizza Co. and Snack BBQ restaurants. Recently, all three of Mark’s restaurants were closed due to financial insolvency.

In the interest of transparency, we want to let you know we are in discussion with the Boscariol family and as of right now, we have access to our space and will continue to run events as normal. In the past week, one event was moved to Craft Heads Brewery and one event was rescheduled due to an issue with our shared alarm system with Downtown Pizza Co. We have since resolved the issue and we will continue to host events at Hackforge. If anything changes, we will let you and/or the host of the event know. Please check our social media channels or website for any announcements.

On that note, we have two great events coming up in the next couple of days and we’d love to see you there!

Border City Javascript: Diving into React.js
? Friday, August 24 @ 7PM

React.js is easily one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for creating user interfaces. Randy Topliffe demonstrates creating a simple React app with no build tools, transpilers or additional frameworks, so you can see the features React offers on its own. JavaScript novices will learn how they might try using React without needing to embrace a dozen new technologies at once, and pros will get to see how many of the tools they take for granted are unnecessary for some applications.

After this short talk, we’ll break to mingle and chat. We can discuss React with Randy, get to know each other, and get a feel for topics that would appeal to the community for future talks. If you have talk ideas, bring them up with Randy or Jeff and we can get something on the schedule – we can even help you workshop your talk and get you prepared to deliver it.

? Saturday Workshop: Help Build the VEX Robot!
? Saturday, August 25 @ 11am-2pm

With the help of the Windsor Essex Robotics Club, we’re going to assemble Hackforge’s VEX Robot. The VEX kit is the Classroom and Competition Super Kit. We’re welcoming the community to an introduction to VEX robotics by building their standard claw bot and practicing the basic VEX coding. We hope to have a functioning robot to learn off of so newcomers have the building blocks to be creative so they can further create a robot with custom tasks. A fun Saturday activity for both adults and kids alike who love robots!

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