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Video Game Career Day for Teens

December 16, 2015

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Do you love video games? Wonder what it’s like to create games? Can you imagine a career inspired by your love of gaming?

Monday, December 21st: 1-3PM
Hackforge (255 Ouellette, downtown Windsor)
Ages: 12-18

Monday, December 21st, Hackforge is inviting teens to a Career Day around video games. Each speaker will give a short presentation on their job, projects they’ve worked on, their education or experience, and how video games fit into their work. Some speakers work behind the scenes building video games and others have jobs that use the skills you can find in gaming, like robotics, 3D printing, and design.

You will hear from…

  • Video Game Music Composer
  • Digital Artist
  • Indie Game Developers
  • 3D Printing Specialists
  • Biomedical Illustrator/Communicator
  • Mobile Game Developers
  • Digital Artist

Facebook event here.

Our Presenters:

David Bergeron – Video Game Music Composer
Graduate of the University of Windsor’s Bachelor of Music program and is currently honing his skills as a teacher, performer and composer around Windsor Essex County. He has composed music for a variety of events and has had his work performed in both Windsor and Toronto. David is currently composing music for two games and hopes to see their release in 2016.

Talk about what is means to be a composer. What skills do successful composers have?
How to get started writing/producing music.


Kevin Taylor – Kelcom 3D Division / Business Development.
25 year career in product development from mobile devices to internet servers.

Using 3D Printing for video game development to generate ideas and enhance user experience


Doug Sartori – Indie Game Developer
Windsor professional software developer and an amateur game developer.

He’ll talk about what he’s learned from success and failure in the effort to transition from making games for fun to making games for fun and profit.


Sean Liska – Digital Artist
Digital artist interested in 3D printing, VR and robotics. Sean is a Founding member of Nifty Studios and a member of the board for the Gibson Gallery in Amherstburg.

A look into the life of a Digital Artist and all the outlets for these artists to use in order to express themselves. Involving everything from VR, 3D printing, Games and even customizing your cars paint job.

Lauren DiVito – Scientific Communicator and Illustrator
Lauren DiVito is a scientific communicator and illustrator, graduating from the University of Toronto in 2015 with a Master of Science in Biomedical Communications. Previous to that, she attended the University of Windsor where she was the first to graduate with a Bachelor of Science [honours] in chemistry and visual arts. She’s passionate about science education through visualization and has worked with the Smithsonian Institute, SickKids Hospital, and the Royal Ontario Museum.

Lauren will talk about her lifelong search for a career that blends her love of both the arts and sciences.


Bios to come…
Jordan Cabral Marchand – Lead Game Artist
Evan Barnes – Lead Game Developer

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