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Test Driving Your Code Workshop (For better software and sanity)

August 14, 2015

by admin in Events, Hackforge Software Guild

Wish you could detect unintended consequences of a change in your code before you deploy your app?

If you write code for a hobby or a living, and you want to up your personal game or improve the process you use at work, sign up for our Tutorial Day; bring your laptop to Hackforge on August 22nd and learn a little bit about software best practices.

We’ll talk a little bit about modern development workflows, give you a primer on source-code management with Git, and focus for most of the day on Unit Testing and particularly on Test Driven Development, which can save you time and dozens of facepalm moments.

We’ll be using JavaScript as a vehicle for learning because it’s so common and popular, but the lessons learned will be transferrable to your language of choice.

Tickets are $30 and lunch will be provided. The rest of the proceeds support Hackforge. There are twenty seats available, so get your tickets soon!

To get the most out of this event, you’ll need to know some JavaScript! If you’re a beginner, please complete this tutorial series before the event.


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