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Hackforge at the Library: Discovering 3D Printing

July 7, 2014

by admin in News

3D printing Demo - July 5

Hackforge’s newly acquired MakerBot 3D printer made its public debut last Saturday, July 5th at the Budimir Library. As part of Windsor Public Library’s summer Eureka program, Hackforge gave an afternoon demonstration of the power of 3D printing.

Hackforger Paul was at the MarkerBot helm for the day, printing out small objects like a functioning whistle and Transformer badges. Kids and their families were able to discover objects created by Hackforge members from other 3D printer projects. Amber Joy and Chris discussed the future of 3D printing and answered questions from curious minds of all ages.

Missed the demo? Join us again on Saturday, July 19th for an afternoon with the 3D printer at the Fontainebleau Library.

Stay tuned for more Hackforge events for kids and teens this summer at libraries around Windsor. This Saturday, July 12th is the Fruitbot Challenge with Doug and Jeff at the Riverside Library.

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