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Technologies Worth Checking Out: littleBits

July 26, 2013

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This is the first of what is to become a regular series on technologies interesting to Hackforge members, and that you may want to add to your quiver for future projects. What do we have first? littleBits!

What are littleBits?

LittleBits are convenient little modules that snap together with magnets. Electronics are extremely powerful, but at the same time it requires a certain amount of knowledge to design circuits and make them work. LittleBits lets you build circuits that are guaranteed to work quickly and easily.


The modules are divided into four colour-coded groups:

  • Power
  • Input
  • Output
  • Wire

Power modules provide the juice that makes everything work. These are colour-coded blue. The default power module, or ‘bit’, has a barrel jack for power input. This accepts 9 to 12 volts DC, with tip positive. The bit ships with a 9 volt battery and connector to adapt it to the jack. Appropriate DC adapters are very easy to find as well.

Input modules accept some kind of input. These are pink. They include buttons, switches and other sensors. They are able to activate and control modules that follow them.

Output modules produce an output. These are green. Included are LEDs, motors, and fans.

Wire modules allow for more distance between two modules. These are orange. Without wire modules, the magnetic connection limits the bits to being connected directly and at right angles. The wire modules allow much greater freedom is placing bits.

This is our palette. As with painting, the individual parts may not look like much. But when combined with the right materials, amazing things can be made. Give their website a thorough look, and check out the example projects that others have built. And keep building!


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