While Hackforge is appreciative of donations of money or equipment, we no longer require payment for access to the space.You can get a key card and full access to the space by becoming a Hackforge Volunteer.

Volunteer obligations:

  • Negotiate a volunteering agreement with our managing director (averaging a few hours a month)
  • Lend your skills and knowledge to others when you’re in the space
  • Assist with Hackforge fundraising events as our need and your availability allow
  • To abide by our Code of Conduct and Rules

Volunteer benefits:

  • Key card access to Hackforge
  • Voting rights (for election of volunteer reps)
  • Eligible to stand for election as a volunteer representative
  • Use of all Hackforge equipment that you’ve been trained to work with
  • Access to Hackforge consumables and recycled electronics
  • Oodles of geek credibility

If you are interested in membership, please contact us via

Still not sure? Windsor Hackforge will be open to the public periodically for special events and programming. Please drop by and check us out, or contact us with any questions you may have.

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