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Monthly Game Night: Horror Themed Board Games!
Wednesday, October 14 – 6PM – 10PM
Join us for a night of board games and card games from 6-10PM. This event is free and open to everyone. If you’re new to board games, we encourage you to come by as we will have trusty Hackforgers there to help get you started. We’ll have a games like Smash Up, Small World, The Resistance, and more. Bring your favourite game (that can be played in less than four hours)!
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Rebooting Windsor: Freelancer Roundtable
Wednesday, Oct 21 – 7PM
How is freelancing changing Windsor’s economy? What challenges and opportunities do freelancers face? Join this roundtable conversation with folks who’ve paid the rent freelancing, continuing our Rebooting Windsor series.
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Hackforge Movie Night: The Thing (1982)
Thursday, October 22 – 8PM
For October’s Movie Night, we’re showing the classic horror film about the dangers of a career in STEM. Directed by John Carpenter and starring Kurt Russell, The Thing takes place in a frozen research facility being slowly taken over by an alien terror.
$10 admission with popcorn and pop. Members get in free!
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Software Guild: Lightning Talks – Sign Up!
Wednesday, October 28 – 7PM
A Lightning Talk is a very short presentation – just five minutes – in which you’ll tell a story, share an idea, or teach us something. Want to give a Lightning Talk related to hacking, making, or working as a technical professional? Sign up here! You don’t have to be an expert – in fact, it’s common to share something you JUST learned!
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Spooky Scary October Maptime
Thursday, October 29 – 7PM
Maptime is an open learning environment for all levels and degrees of knowledge, offering intentional educational support for the beginner. Maptime is simultaneously flexible and structured, creating space for mapping tutorials, workshops, ongoing projects with a shared goal, and independent/collaborative work time. Beginners most welcome!
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September Hackforge Events


Hackforge Movie Fundraiser: Spaceballs (1987)
Tuesday, September 8: 8PM
May the Schwartz be with you!
Spaceballs is Mel Brooks’ classic 80s sci-fi spoof.
10$ admission supports Hackforge and includes popcorn and pop. Free for Hackforge members!
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Board Game Night
RESCHEDULED: Tuesday, September 22nd – 6-9PM
Join us for a night of board games and card games. Beginners welcome.

StartUp Windsor
Wednesday, September 16: 6-9PM LOCATION CHANGED: 490 Pelissier
Come grab a drink, meet some new people, and share your entrepreneurial experiences and ideas.
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Open Data Windsor Essex Portal Launch
Tuesday, September 29 @ Hackforge
Exciting announcement and launch! Stay tuned.

Software Guild
Wednesday, September 30: 7-9PM
Monthly group for professional computer programmers.
Evening includes technical talks and networking.

Software Guild: Top Secret (August 26)


Wednesday, August 26th from 7:00PM – 9:00PM @ Hackforge (255 Ouellette)
ATTN: Talks begin at 7PM

The group for pro programmers, The Software Guild is going Top Secret for August. Learn about password management and microcontrollers, to perfect your next project or become a super spy. After talks, stick around for an hour of socializing, networking, and plotting global takeovers.

John Haldeman – Authentication When You Aren’t Human
We all know the methods of password management for people – password complexity, changing passwords often, and two factor authentication. But what about our applications that need to log into other systems? Learn about the practices and methods to build secure applications in this area including certificates, kerberos, trusted contexts, and application identity management systems.

Paul Anderson – Introduction to Programming Microcontrollers
No spy kit is complete without some secret gadgets. Paul Anderson will describe the basics of what microcontrollers are, and how programming for them differs from programming for more complex systems.

Product Development Talk: How The Sausage Is Made


Tuesday, July 28 @ 7-8PM
Hackforge (255 Ouellette)

“There are many paths, staying aware of which one you chose and why, will give the foresight you need.”

Does your product have what it takes? On Tuesday, July 28th, Kevin Taylor will be sharing insights gained on the product development process from over 20 years in the global electronics industry. Learn the steps of getting your product off the ground from a pro.

Doors open at 6PM and the talk goes from 7-8PM. Hackforge is located at 255 Ouellette.

Software Guild: Programming in the Wild (July 22)


Get your hands dirty with the Software Craftsman Guild on Wednesday, July 22nd with a night of practical programming talks. Learn about one of the most popular programming languages and one of the most important software projects. Hang out and hack, starting at 7PM. From 8-9PM, join Jeff Szusz and Anthony Garreffa for their talks.

Software Guild
July 22nd – 7-9PM
@ Hackforge (255 Ouellette)


Learn You Some Programming With Python. An intro to basic programming concepts using Python.

Jeff Szusz will be introducing us to the wonderful world of Python. Developers and developers-to-be will leave with the knowledge of how to get rolling in one of the most popular and loved programming languages around.

This is a great talk to attend as a beginner!

Extreme Programming Explained: The birth of modern development practices.

Join the discussion of how a small team of developers changed how we build software forever. Anthony Garreffa gives a talk about one of the most important projects and pieces of literature in professional software development.

Don’t miss out on this talk! It will be a great primer for an upcoming event that we will be announcing that night.


Facebook event here!

Hackforge Events in July


Board Game Night – Thursday, July 9 @ 6-10PM
Join us for a night of board games and card games from 6-10PM. This event is free and open to everyone. If you’re new to board games, we encourage you to come by as we will have trusty Hackforgers there to help get you started.

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Tron (1982) – Monday, July 13 @ 8PM
Trapped inside an electronic arena, where love and escape do not compute!
The first on our movie fundraisers, join us for the classic sci-fi flick, Tron. Admission is 10$ going directly to Hackforge programming and community workshop.

Software Craftsman Guild – Wednesday, July 22 @ 7-9PM
The group for programmers meets again at the end of July.
We are still looking for Guild speakers. If you’re interested in giving a technical talk, contact

Product Development: How The Sausage Is Made – Tuesday, July 28 @ 7-8PM
Does your product have what it takes? Kevin Taylor will be sharing insights gained on the product development process from over 20 years in the global electronics industry.

Tech Talk: The Steam Engine Revolution


Since the mid-18th century, steam engines have fascinated young and old. Even though they are now obsolete, they fascinate still. Spend an evening with Hackforge member Paul Anderson and learn how these engines evolved, and the genius behind their development.

Nerd Level: Beginners welcome.
Interested parties: History, Industrial Revolution, mechanics, steam engines.

This Tech Talk takes place on Thursday, October 30th at 7PM at Hackforge (850 Ouellette Ave).

Paul Anderson is Hackforge’s resident polymath and facilities manager. He rarely finds a hobby he doesn’t like.

N.B Hackforge’s Meetup events have now been moved to Facebook

Tech Talk: Interactive Fiction w/ Undum for JavaScript Beginners (Doug Sartori)


Undum is a set of Javascript libraries that make it easy to create your own “Choose your own Adventure” or “Fighting Fantasy” style piece of interactive fiction. It’s a great way to learn the basics of computer programming (and JavaScript) because there is almost no new code required to create a game. Doug Sartori will give a brief introduction to computer programming and JavaScript, then create a simple game, workshop style. Bring a laptop if you’d like to follow along and create your own!

This Tech Talk takes place on Thursday, October 2nd at 7PM at Hackforge (850 Ouellette Ave).

Nerd Level: Perfect for beginners.

Doug Sartori is a Hackforge board member and partner in the Southwestern Ontario software consultancy Parallel 42 Systems. He has been a software professional since 2000. He has worked as a consultant, developer, and product manager for companies large and small.

Tech Talk: BioArt Residency / Technology as an Artist’s Aid (Chelsea Greenwell)

CHELSEA GREENWELL Luteum Papilio; Reverence Plexiglass, agar, bacteria, fungi, dragonfly, digital prints, light box 2013 Image cred: Incubator Art Lab

Cultivamos Cultura, Portugal 2014, a BioArt residency & technology as an artist’s aid. This talk on Thursday, September 18th, will highlight Chelsea Greenwell’s recent BioArt camp and residency in Portugal, including her utilization of technology as an aid to her art practice; the interdisciplinary melding of Sculpture, BioArt, and Technology in her current body of work.

Chelsea Greenwell is currently finishing a double major in Visual Arts & English. As an aspiring BioArtist, her research explores the natural world through a digital platform, questioning humanities relationship with nature through themes of manipulation and homage. Her current research is 3D printing and digital rendering as a BioArt medium, offering a unique juxtaposition. Chelsea’s work has been shown in BioArt: Contemporary Art and the Life Sciences, a collaborative show at the !dea Gallery in the Ontario Science Centre; as well as a collaboration piece, Occam’s Razor, a group exhibition at the Toronto Science Centre. She has a piece in an upcoming exhibition in Portugal, as well as a collaborative piece with fellow Windsor based media artist, Nicolas de Cosson, in the W.A.V.E.S festival, September 2014.

Nerd Level: Novices welcome. Free and open to the public.

Come to learn more about: BioArt, Portugal, artist residency, 3D printing, art and technology.

This Tech Talk takes place on Thursday, September 18th at 6PM.


The Meta Tech Talk Brainstorm


After a great summer of talks, and as Hackforge continues to grow into its role as a community teaching and learning space, let’s take a pause to discuss the future direction of our tech talk series.

Tomorrow, Thursday, September 4th, we’ll hold a round-table style brainstorming session at 6PM. All ideas are welcome! Many of you have already come forward with suggestions ranging from recording and archival of talks, concepts for furthering discussion on the topics online, multi-talk series, panels, certifications, and more. Come participate in consolidating these great ideas into a form easily digestible by an implementation team, and help Hackforge’s tech talk series come of age!

Join us for the Tech Talk Brainstorm, Thursday, September 4th at 6PM at Hackforge (850 Ouellette Ave). Check out our Meetup page for more information.

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