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Software Guild: The Junior Developer’s Survival Guide

September 1, 2015

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Software Guild: Monthly Gathering of Programmers
Wednesday, September 30: 6:30-9:00 PM
6:30PM: Doors
7:00PM: James York’s “The Junior Developer’s Survival Guide” Talk
8:00PM: Hang Out

The Junior Developer’s Survival Guide
Are you new to the professional world of software development? Do you have new developers on your team? Are you wondering why college and the School of Hard Knocks did such a bad job preparing you to be a functional member of a high-performing team?

Take some advice from a former junior dev who has walked the path and learn to avoid rookie mistakes. Learn the skills employers value and how to get them. We will discuss quick return actions that can be undertaken immediately, as well as long term, slow-burn investments in your career.

This session will focus on technical and interpersonal advice to help make your first job search, entry-level hire, and first year as a developer go smoothly. A great career won’t just fall into your lap. It takes dedication, skill, persistence, and more than a little luck. Happily, we make our own luck.

Great for students and those new to the programming work world!

James York is a musician-turned-software-developer who is like a knowledge TARDIS. He currently builds and teaches JavaScript curriculum for Grand Circus in Detroit, Mi. He has previously built web apps for cars, webapps for the … the web, and worked on an enterprise service bus, which even he has trouble describing.

Passionate about helping others find their way into software, James spends his spare time mentoring local software newbies and volunteering with Girl Develop It. He also co-founded a user group dedicated to software craftsmanship in downtown Detroit called the Detroit Craftsman Guild. He loves good chocolate chip cookies, bad kung fu movies, and is still waiting for Gandalf to invite him on an adventure.


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