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Software Craftsman Guild: Beyond Code

June 15, 2015

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015: 7-9PM
Hackforge (255 Ouellette)

The first meeting of the Software Craftsman Guild in the new Hackforge is Wednesday, June 24th. This meeting we’re talking about the computer programming profession. How do you improve your work and your team?

7:00 ā€“ 8:00PM ā€“ Hack nā€™ Hang
8:00 ā€“ 9:00PM ā€“ Talks for Techs

Decision Making for Developers
Join Derek Comartin as he discusses the process of approaching technical decisions. Learn to go beyond the tech, looking to your customers and business domain, to ensure you make the best decisions as a professional developer.

Updating the Joel Test
The test that tells programmers if their software team is up to snuff is almost fifteen years old. What criteria is important to you in 2015? Join Doug Sartori for an interactive discussion on what makes for an excellent workplace for developers today.

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