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Hackforge Summer Games

August 7, 2013

by admin in News

Ever wanted to create your own game?

Take the opportunity to learn more about game development, and mix it with a bit of friendly competition!


This two-week event will be comprised of teams going head to head to create games on various platforms, from vintage computers to modern mobile devices.


Entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges, with awards being made in a variety of categories.


Event Kickoff: Saturday August 17th @ 9:00 am

Morning Agenda

Learn more about the competition and meet prospective teammates.

Initial orientation and Presentations

9:00 – Kickoff

9:30 – Randy McCall on “The MDA theory of game design”

10:30 – Anthony Garrafa on the game loop

11:30 – Doug Sartori on “AI for zero-sum games”

12:30 – Jeff Szusz live demo of a JavaScript game engine


Afternoon Developer Workshop

Learn more about specific technologies and techniques being used to develop games.

Members of the Hackforge’s volunteer developer community will be available to provide guidance to participating teams.


All are welcome!

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